Our Mission

Practicing law requires being willing to fight other people’s battle just as hard as if they were your own. People call us when they are facing problems without easy answers. Whatever it is that they need solved, they’re looking for someone who understands what they’re up against, and can help them through that process, confidently and capably. We begin every day with the mindset that people are depending on us to do our best in their toughest situations. Putting the client’s needs first, using all our skill and energy and creativity to help solve those problems, is how we measure success.

We ask our lawyers to be down to earth, easy to work with, tough advocates in the courtroom, and to always recommend the best option for the client. If we might be able to solve a problem with a five-minute phone call instead of a five-month court case, we’ll let you know about that option. Serving our clients well starts with having attorneys whose heart is in the right place, and we’re proud to work with a team who shares that with one another.

With our main office in New Philadelphia and branches in Akron, Canton, Coshocton, Millersburg, Carrollton, and Cadiz, we are able to serve many communities across eastern Ohio. We also travel to neighboring counties to serve our clients. Our lawyers have experience with a wide range of legal issues, including divorce and family law, criminal law, personal injury, probate, trusts and estate planning, business planning, and more.