Oil and gas titles are a cornerstone of our practice, and have been from the beginning. Our firm has reviewed thousands of oil and gas leases and thoroughly researched hundreds of chains of title running back as early as the 18th century, conducting research at many levels of detail, including certified title, takeoff, due diligence, genealogical heirship, and corporate leasehold title.

If you have questions about oil and gas ownership, require a mineral chain of title to be researched, need to file an affidavit of abandonment or preservation, require curative title measures or a quiet title action, or need a lease negotiated, we would be happy to set up a meeting to assess your needs and determine a plan of action.

We can also assist you in marketing or negotiating the sale of your mineral rights. We are currently active in Harrison County, Monroe County, Carroll County, Noble County, Guernsey County, Columbiana County, Jefferson County, and many other counties throughout the Utica and Marcellus shale.