In today’s challenging business environment, every contract you sign, every transaction you engage in, every move you make has a significant impact on your career, and on your company’s future. The steps you take today will have significant impact on where you will be tomorrow. Clients value our thoughtful counsel, wealth of experience, rigorous legal analyses, proven ability to execute, and perceptive evaluation of risk.

As an aggressively entrepreneurial business familiar with the rigors and challenges of opening and growing a new venture, and are uniquely positioned to understand our clients’ objectives and priorities. Many attorneys’ business services for new businesses are limited to drafting and filing Articles of Incorporation and Articles of Organization. We believe that this fails to even scratch the surface of what a business attorneyshould be doing to position their clients for success.

Starting a new business is extremely complicated, and it is critical to have an attorney who is willing to sit down and take the time to demystify that process and devise a strategy for success. One of the tools we provide to all of our new business clients is an extremely detailed checklist, which highlights many of the most urgent legal issues and essential policies necessary for smooth operation and headache-free compliance with government regulations. Some of these policies may include Employment Handbooks, Workplace Safetyand drug policies, Non-Competition Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, and drafting numerous other types of contracts. We also practice in the area of Employment law. If you are interested in learning more about what our firm can do to accelerate and simplify the growth of your business, we’d be happy to discuss the best options for your unique business over a free consultation.