Gary Whitla

Law Clerk

“Freedom. And Justice. If you have those two, it covers everything. You must stick to those principles and have the courage of your convictions.”

– Prime Minister Ian Smith

Gary was born and raised near Wellsville, Ohio. Growing up in a small town in the Ohio Valley was a defining experience for him. From an early age, aside from the many positive attributes that small-town living brings with it, he also witnessed the hardships his family, friends, and neighbors faced in the wake of the decline of American industry in the Valley and the ramifications experienced by the middle and working classes, as well as the devastating toll of the narcotics epidemic.

Impelled by a desire to positively shape his community and help those in need, following his graduation from Thiel College, Gary became active in local and state politics. Gary worked directly with candidates seeking office, as well as for a political action committee. During this time, Gary decided he could best serve his community as their advocate in the legal arena, eventually attending Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.

While at Cleveland-Marshall, Gary clerked for large and small firms, government offices, and a Fortune 500 Company. He was also a senator-at-large for the Student Bar Association, a representative on the Dean’s Council, and was featured on the Dean’s List. Upon graduation and prior to joining the McCleery Law Firm, Gary returned to politics, successfully managing the re-election campaign of a state representative.

Gary is eager to serve on behalf of our community here in New Philadelphia and the surrounding area, a place that Gary says feels a lot like his own hometown.

Gary’s passion for politics and law is matched only for his passion for history. He currently serves as a board member for a Virginia-based preservation society dedicated to saving battlefields and buildings dating back to the War Between the States that are faced by destruction today.